Psion EP10 PDA

I hadn't realised Psion have been trying to come back into the lower cost rugged handheld market...

Seems a little late for this offering now. Companies like Symbol/Motorola and Intermec seem to have this tied up. It's a pity the rugged market hasn't moved past Windows Mobile 6.5.3, although from experience when moving your app from pocket pc / windows mobile 5 up you tend to inherit the nicer looking skin of 6.5.3 by default which makes your app look quite nice.

Open Projects software had it's own custom updater which got the latest version if needed whilst downloading data to the handset. The nice thing about the latest handheld OS's is the built in updating through the marketplace although I don't know how the market place updates would work with enterprise software...

It's nice to Psion Harware though even if it isn't in it's EPOC manifestation. I got my first Psion at 16 (Psion Sienna) and went on to acquire as many models as possible. My fave was probably the series 5 with it's brilliant keyboard. I had a crazy adapter that I plugged in to my Motorla Starmac (1997 Mac clone). Amazing. 


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