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More Inspired Nottingham Evening Post Headlines

More brilliant headlines from the Nottingham Evening Post. Once again these photos are borrowed from my friend Tom. The newsagent near me never seems to have these, but the Co op nearby does seem to. Anyway, thanks to Tom and the Evening Post for some ludicrous headlines. :-)

Chuck Norris Hudson

Fixing my bum check in and I saw this amusing Chuck Norris claim.?

Paper camera

Ive just downloaded the paper camera app. Really cool for just over a quid!

Cleverbot killed Steve Jobs

I asked him and he admitted it. Scary!

Me, Arnie and Willis on set.

A quick photo of me, Arnie and Willis from our up coming film together. Hope you like it!

Arnie, Bruce and Sly! in the Expendables 2! via @Schwarzenegger @danfinn

Just spotted a retweet by my cousin from Arnie! What a great picture. I have copied the picture instead of linking back to it as I am not sure how long Twitpic hold on to pictures for but you can see the original here ... 

Robot Thing

This is the start of a robotic arm drawing (the base).?

The Demolished Man - Alfred Bester

What a book! I have just finished it. A sci fi book with murder at its heart. It's a must read.

R2D2 baby grow.

Hoorah! I know im having a girl but im certain she will love robots.

Pixlr o matic test

Just downloaded the pxlr o matic app by autodesk. It seems really good!

Google technician to focus on voice commands | Latest Industry News | News | Opinion, News, Analysis | BCS - The Chartered Institute for IT

07/10/2011 One of Google UK's best-known programmers is to relocate to the company's Mountain View headquarters to help realise the potential of voice-powered search, reports the Guardian. Dave Burke will make the move to San Francisco as part of the computing giant's push to improve speech recognition technology, after joining the company's UK arm in 2007. Google's London base has been key to the engineering effort that has gone into Google's Android smartphone platform, the world's best selling mobile operating system. Although Android phones do accept voice commands for searching, email composition and summoning maps; because accuracy is still low, developers are racing to create technology that will eventually replace touchscreen typing, suggests the Guardian. A specialist in voice recognition technology, Burke has published a number of academic papers on the subject and had around 80 programmers and engineers reporting to him while in London. Goog

Attenborough bridge war memorial

Ive never noticed this war memorial before on the bridge at Attenborough railway station.

Apple (United Kingdom) front page dedicated to Jobs.

via The Apple front page is really nice. It doesn't need to say anything else.

Mallorca Panoramas

Messing around with the Auto Panorama function on my Samsung SII gave me some nice results. You essentially press the camera button then move the phone around slowly. It then takes the photos itself and stiches them together. Its really nice. No trying to match up the faint grey bits..

A bridge too far - Timelapse (via Lord Rix)

[vimeo w=400&h=225] A Bridge Too Far from James Miller on Vimeo . This was pointed out earlier by my good colleague Lord Rix. It was spotted on Gizmodo. I really like it and whilst looking through the Vimeo staff picks I noticed it again. I really like it so I thought I would share it here. Speaking of Vimeo, it really has fallen into favour with me recently. There are so many beautiful, thought provoking and interesting videos on there. It has introduced me to some cool music artists as well through them being featured on videos. Watch Vimeo. Be a happier person. Be enlightened :-)

Halloween Plans - Lieutenant Commander Data

This is going to be wicked. I have this on order and some yellow face paint. Going to look wicked for Halloween. 

Featured Workspace : Michael ?Bench? Debevec | Envato Notes

via I love seeing other peoples workspaces! This is a particularly excellent one.