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My home office upgrade wish list.

My home office is almost due an upgrade. I have been holding off until my youngest daughter is out of her cot as then we can finally dispatch the enormous monstrosity of a cot out from the kids bedroom and the drawers that are in my office can be banished giving me better access to my wonderful whiteboard. My other improvements will be purchasing a new, larger monitor. I currently work from a single 22ich Samsung which just doesn't cut it anymore, I did have two at some point but I can't recall what I did with it. I really enjoy using a touch screen so I think I will go for one of these 27inch Hannspree models that I have used before. I put a lot of hours in at home and whilst I have a reasonable chair I still tend to suffer with some back problems, so my next port of call will be to get a Varidesk for home. It works an absolute treat at work and just lets me switch stuff up when I feel like it. they take a reasonable amount of desk space up but I tend to leave my desk fairly

IIS Administration using Microsoft.Web.Administration using F#

A friend had mentioned his joy at using Powershell. I guess this is pretty cool and I don't mind Powershell. I sort of missed the boat a little with it because I haven't done any Windows Administration since I used to look after Windows Server 2000 machines (and possibly a couple of 2003). At that time I had a different arsenal to cause untold woe on my fellow colleagues....VBSCRIPT!!!! Boy could I cause trouble with that. With a combination of that, VBA and SQL I used to love creating spider webs of pure madness, once written the apps were tied together so precariously; one false move and the entire thing would explode.... anyway that's a different story. Back to the Powershell. He was using it to automate IIS (or else I heard what I wanted to so I could try and push F# onto him, who knows?). I have heard various stories of extremely large platform automation scripts being written recently (for example  .net rocks interview with Steve Evans ) and whilst they seem to be g

Progressive .NET Tutorials 2015: Phil Trelfords "Ready, steady, cross platform games on your phone"

It's been a while since I have been back from Progressive.Net but I thought I had better do a quick write up of the conference and my favourite talks. This year I went down with a large contingent. A combination of the North 51   team and the Unidays team. There were 7 of us in total. We had a fantastic time. The program leaned quite heavily towards F# this year which was excellent for me. . There were quite a few talks I wanted to mention and my free time is exceptionally limited at the moment, so I thought I would break the talks up into separate blog posts. Phil Trelfords "Ready, steady, cross platform games on your phone"  This talk centered around game development. He gave some good advice on what was probably the area you were best to concentrate on, this meant that you should look to script on top of a framework / engine that already exists as opposed to trying to write everything f