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The Feeder Algorithm

Quite scary really but I think I have come up with the perfect feeder algorithm! Girls - never trust a man who asks if you love him whilst he is holding cake. Haha!

Competition Winner

Wicked!!! I have won a competition on Facebook for this? .? Blitz asked the question.. ? 'In your life, who is the one person you? admire, that stands out from all others and why?' The general response was typically wet with answers like "my mum", "my 99 year old nan", "my blind?narcoleptic uncle". This is an example...? " Well, its has to be my mum, for always being there for me especially during my fight against cancer as a teenager, she never left my side. Through my A-levels she helped me reach my potential and even now through medical school, the reason I've got this far is because of my mother. : )" Very touching but we don't want something so depressing. My answer was simply.... "Arnold Schwarzenegger for always being rock hard, producing great films with classic lines that would sound useless without his voice, for trying to kill Sarah Connor and then saving Sarah Con

Post Car Smashing Drinks