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Small Basic

Check out this website I found at Just remembered about this little project called Small Basic. Thought it was pretty cool for getting people into coding as provides excellent instand feedback with colours and images (a little like the old turtle logo stuff). Anyway this is really more of a note to myself so I don't forget it again.

Google Android ADK

via This is wicked! Wish I could get my hands on this (and also some time to mess with it!)

Coding Horror: The PHP Singularity

via A good take on the ghoulery of PHP. It's a fairly extreme viewpoint as there are plenty of people making good products from PHP and that's what the real result should be, not just good quality code bases (although the two depend on each other after a couple of iterations of development). The real problem is people. You could invent a new programming language, one to rule them all... but there will always be crap programmers. People who don't care that much about it, just do a bit on the side, work for themselves and just lay little bad eggs for multiple customers and move on. There are still people I have spoken to *very* recently that were arguing against design patters / OO programming and other fundamentals. You won't escape that. The answer is to chill out about it. The more crap programmers, the better you will look and the more it will keep you in work sorting out their mess. So really what I am saying is "Thank you crap program

BBC News - Minitel: The rise and fall of the France-wide web

via The Minitel! An amazing little thing. Wish I had one! :-) :-)

Nexus 7 - The new Android tablet from Google

via I have a strong feeling this is going to do very well in the UK. I currently have a Kindle Fire and although I really like it, the fact that it's locked to the US is very annoying. Amazon have really lost out by not getting a Fire to market in the UK. If the Nexus comes out first at this price it will easily become the de-facto low cost tablet. At ?159 it's within the reach of a lot of people and is justifiable as birthday / christmas presents (which for me the ipad is obviously not). Very exciting!


[youtube] via You have to love Pigsy. One of my fave tv characters.

Adding the Developer Toolbar to Word / Outlook / Powerpoint / Excel

I always forget where the option for this is as you normally only need to turn it on once and it's done in each application but I just needed to write a quick Macro to outlook so I needed it.? If you need to make a Macro or do some VBA work in any of the office applications you add the developer toolbar by going to File -> Options -> Customize Ribbon -> under the Main tabs listbox, check Developer. Done! You can also open the VB window by pressing ALT+F11 (incidentally this works in many Autodesk products and in Visual Studio too :-) )

Government plans to monitor all useless data transfer in the UK

Another amusing idea from Theresa May and her team of know nothings. They will monitor UK data traffic. Of course they will! Apart from the traffic we don't want them to see. Anyone up to any real fiendery will type into google and type "How to get around internet monitoring" and hey presto we have a comically large amount of ways. Our beautiful fools once again will be collecting terrabytes worth of data instead of addressing the actual issues of what causes crime, anti social behaviour and terrorism. 

The Sloppy Jo

This is my favourite item of food at the moment. I dare not eat it often for fear of increasing the rate of my current unfortunate waist expansion. Everything is right about this sandwich. I dont know what it is about Brown Bettys on St James St Notts but they gey everything right. Amazing food, portions, quality and service.

HP Jornada 680 is finally here

Ah king of pdas. Its finally arrived!!

Showing thumbnails in Windows Server 2008

Whenever I do a re install I always have to fish about trying to remind myself where the setting is to show thumbnails instead of icons for picture files in Windows Server 2008 (I think I had the same problem in 2003 as well).? I always tend to think it will be under Tools->Folder Options but it is actually under Advanced System Settings. To change it... Press Windows Key+Break to bring up the system window,? In the left pane, select Advanced system settings Go to the Advanced tab and select Settings in the Performance Groupbox.? Check the "Show thumbnails instead of icons" thumbnail Just thought I would put it here so I can find it next time easier.?