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Over the past couple of months I have had some enquiries into a taxi firm management program I wrote called CabControl . The program itself was just for a project and whilst I tried to write it in a nice way, it is still in Winforms and also uses Linq to Sql (which I have started to feel is just a little too slow). I've decided to reinvest some time into it though and mvc it up. I think if it was web based then I could make it a lot more scaleable and possibly offer a basic free version with the add ons such as reporting features and account management as paid for extras. Anyway I'm going to give it a good go. I haven't done any decent program for a while because of the teaching and the plethora of red herrings I have to look into most days. I haven't done much jquery and so I think doing a rich interface without using controls will test me as well. I look forward to doing some good unit testing as well.