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Belligerent users and anti change fiends

Now I am all for users. In fact I am a user myself. However every now and again you come across one or ten of those fiendish knaves that just completely refuse to play the game. I won't go into an exact story because there is no need. We all have faced them. Those ill favoured folk that call you and make outrageous claims that they can not see an "ok" button on the screen they are looking at. Ugh, obviously you must be patient with such types. But my biggest problem is the infectious foolery they cause. When one person says they can not get something working or it is going "slow". The other demented parrots start shouting the same and demanding to know what is wrong. It seems to be a culture thing where people feel good about not understanding how to use a computer. This has gone on for a good while now but computers are so engrained now, to take this attitude is utterly ludicrous. What I find even worse are those beastly folk that purport to be IT professionals

DLink (Direct Link to Satan)

Ugh been trying to get the VPN Working through the firewalls this afternoon again. Liquid pain. DLink surely stands for Direct link to Satan. I find it unbelievable how many interfaces DLink seem to have been through with their products. It's insane. Surely a company like this would have one central office creating the interfaces. IT'S SUCH AN IMPORTANT PART OF THE PRODUCT. They are kind enough to give you a taster of their interface hell by offering a massive variety of simulators on their support page . Brilliant. Anyway I leave you with this as a final thought for the day..

Household Robots could kill thousands....

Just read this article on the BBC website and it made me smile... Robot-inflicted injuries studied I can't imagine that household robots with dangerous items will be introduced until AI is in such a state that it can clearly tell the difference between normal people, pigs and perps. Then again, ED209 was supposed to be a clever cat and looked what happened to him! Execs dead and it can't even get up and down the stairs. Then again, a useless executive killer is probably what we need right now after the banking crisis.

Follow on from home automation post

Just a quick follow on from the home automation stuff. I just saw this person put an iPad in their kitchen cupboard door. Looks pretty cool. Although I wonder whether just a case and a stand somewhere in the kitchen would be more useful... Anyway they have done it now and it's still a pretty cool idea (especially if there was some kind of easy release mechanism at the back of the door). If you coupled this with the x10 app I saw for the iPhone on one of the commercials then you could have yourself a pretty cool control system.