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Thought this might come in useful to anyone who is lacking a little Excel skill. It's one of my old favourites... the vlookup . I have uploaded it to Google Docs but the formula is the same...   USE  '=VLOOKUP(G5,A5:B14,2,FALSE)' The arguments are… Lookup_Value The thing you want to lookup. In the table there is a person id with our vehicle we want to check it against our person table Table_Array This is the table we want to check our value against in this case it’s the person table Col_Index_Num This is the value we want to return, in the above case we want the name from the person table so we say 2 [range_lookup]  always make this false, if not it will get the closest match. We don't want that. T ake a look here at the example  

BBC News - Tiangong-1 launch betrays China's earthly ambitions

via I am almost certain that China will be populating the solar system before the rest of the world. The scenes in Firefly (with everyone being able to speak both English and Chinese) may be quite right!

MAKE | X-Wing Soap Box Racer

via This is a brilliant go kart.

lee wei chen: arcade washing machine

via What a cool washing machine! Massive, but very cool.

A Mclaren thought process...

Jimmy Robinson Alarm Clock

I have just finished a very low fidelity of my Jimmy Robinson Alarm Clock. I really think it might work. Let me know what you think. Would you buy one? Depending on the success of this I am also thinking of a Duncan Bannatoon grandfather clock. It would essentially be a life size replica of Bannatoon himself with a transparent belly and a pendulum in the middle. At twelve he could declare himself out...

My workspace

  My workdesk is steadily getting messier and messier. Still generally pleased with the zone though.

Solve Puzzles for Science | Foldit

via I heard about this site on BBC Click tonight. It is a brilliant idea. Using games and competition to help science is most excellent. I want to see much much more of it. I wonder if the very way we teach needs to adapt and take on this idea to a greater extent.

Essential Hobbies

There are 3 important hobbies that are currently missing from my life. All of which are catered for locally to me.  Archery Fencing Horse Riding At some point I need to do a little of each hobby with an ultimate aim of combining them to become the ultimate warlord.

Jimmy Miliband vows to give you nightmares

Jimmy Miliband freaks me out. No chance will I be voting for him. But if he happens to ask you who I am voting for. Please say tell him I'm behind him all the way.

Disco Badger

I'll catch this bastard if it's the last thing I do. Hopefully not drinking until the baby comes will stave his recent attacks off.

Back Street Sketch

3d Model export from a little Google Sketchup drawing. I tried to get some real textures to use but it turned out crap so went with the thick marker pen style.

Recent books I have read this month

I have read a series of excellent books since the start of August so I thought I would share them with you... White Fever Recommended by a friend who had read it, this book is an interesting look into the strange world of Siberia. Whilst it wasn't as humourous as I hoped (it actually left me feeling quite blue in general due to the plight of the native siberians) but the book is packed full of weird and wonderful characters.  The Gods Themselves I really enjoyed this book. Having noticed I have missed some of Asimovs books I needed to fill in the gaps. This has realyl interesting points to think about in terms of how we kid ourselves about energy because we don't want to change the way we live. The ultimate message for me was you can't just convince people there is a problem. You need to come up with a solution at the same time.  I enjoyed the moon seperation side story. They remind me of early spacers from Asimovs robot series. They don't particularly like earthlings a

3cTLO.jpg (453?604)

via This picture made me laugh out very loud. It's has a certain quality that just kills me.

Motorola DEFY+ priced at surprisingly affordable level ? Eurodroid

via This is a great price for a great phone. Especially with a bit of 2.3 love.

20 Stunning Energy-Efficient Homes in the 2011 Solar Decathlon! | Inhabitat - Green Design Will Save the World

via This article is worth having a peek at. Some very interesting designs!

Harnessing solar power without an ugly landscape

I'm wondering if instead of the potential fields of solar panels that we would need to utilize solar power, if we couldn't just build large underground caverns for them instead. We could use a system of mirrors that can swivel around and follow the sun, redirecting it down into the ground...? Just an idea anyway :-)

Strokes: achievements while programming! | Timdams's Blog

via An excellent idea. You can never earn too many achievements :-)

Governator Cereal

via I would eat this cereal every day.

Nikon AW100 hands-on - Engadget Galleries

via I need this phone! I love rugged devices.

Nottinghamshire Police ? 'Cunning predator' jailed

Home > Latest news > News > 'Cunning predator' jailed 'Cunning predator' jailed Posted on 9th September 2011 16:30 A ?cunning predator? who sexually assaulted young boys over two decades has been sentenced to six years behind bars. Peter Holland, 79, of Bankfield Drive, Bramcote Hills, Beeston, abused 13 boys ? now grown men ? between 1974 and 1993. He pleaded guilty to ten counts of gross indecency and 15 counts of indecent assault and was sentenced to six years in prison at Nottingham Crown Court today (Friday 9 September). Nottinghamshire Police arrested Holland in September 2010 after one of his victims came forward and reported the abuse he had endured as a child. The man, now 38, said Holland had sexually assaulted him on a number of occasions when he was a young boy between 1979 and 1984. Officers subsequently searched Holland?s address and discovered more than 1,300 photographs containing images of young boys or men. Detectives launched an ex

Evil beer beast

I was attacked violently last night by this creature

3d head mounted displays in violent games. One abstraction too close?

via I saw this article on Engadget about the Sony 3d headset earlier and I immediately thought about it's application in gaming. To be fully immersed in a game like Modern Warfare would be amazing. You would have surround sound (hopefully) and be able to see everything that is going on around you. My only worry about this, as video game graphics get more and more realistic is the potential psychological impact this degree of realism could have on gamers. After a serious gaming session I certainly find it hard to sleep sometimes and the sound of gun fire can be ringing in my ears for hours! Being able to stab someone with extreme realism and with so many senses being catered for I'm not sure how I would feel. In my case, being a sensible adult with no urge to stab most real people I think it would be overall a good experience still.. until the realism was hiked up even further. Would I still want to play it? I'm not so sure. With parents utter inabilit

Lenovo A1 ? budget-busting 7? Android 2.3 tablet ? Eurodroid

via This looks extremely promising in my ongoing hunt for a reasonably priced tablet computer. Eurodroid suspects the amount may be around ?125 but I can imagine the greedy fiends will have the price around ?180. As has been seen with the Touchpad, I think the first non shit Android tablet that can come to market for around the ?100 price is going to rule. It's a pity they couldn't get this to market for xmas time, I can imagine lots of disgruntled people this year who have been bought a cheap tablet for christmas that just doesn't cut the mustard. I am still hoping Amazon are going to wow me but nothing is materializing.

Who Moved My Cheese?

I was listening to a Hanselminutes  podcast and he mentioned a reference to the "Who Moved My Cheese" book (not sure if it was intentional!). It's a great little book about managing change in life and specifically at work. Well worth a read even if you think you are ok with handling change. Good stuff, it's a really small if you aren't normally a reader. I think I have already given my copy to someone but it's only a couple of quid so pick it up.