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Joystick Parade Business Cards

via These are pretty cool business cards!

Announcing F# Tools for Visual Studio Express 2012 for Web!

via I've downloaded these. It's great to see F# this accessible. Download it now!

ASEBA and Robots - A low cost robot and development environment

This looks to be an excellent prospect.? [youtube] The development environment looks reasonably good and the cost of the Robot itself is around ?85.00 (converted from Swiss Francs). As mentioned in the IEEE article below, for less than ?1000 you could kit a whole class room out with these devices and the software is free. I am certainly tempted to get one for "my nephew".? via?

Public Science Lecture @ Notts Uni this week 20/09/2012 6pm

This weeks public science lecture at Nottingham Uni is about the history of Chemical warfare and it's relationship with medicine. Should be very interesting!? Hi All We would like to invite you to this month's Public Lecture given by Dr. Rob Stockman from the University of Nottingham's School of Chemistry. The lecture will be held in room B01 of the Math and Physics Building at University Park Campus.? on 20 Sept at 6pm The talk is titled " From Chemical Weapon to Chemotherapy" Abstract From deadly nightshade to eye surgery and truth drugs; from poison gas to pesticides and cancer therapy; from explosives to treatments for heart disease; from poppy fields to pain relief.?The strange relationship between chemical weapons and medicines and agrochemicals will be explored, with a little history on the development of chemical warfare during the two World Wars included. Thanks, Boris This message and any attachment are intended solely for the addressee and may co

Google Listen APK

I was really annoyed to find out that Google had ditched Google Listen. I had not heard the news so when I formatted my phone and went to redownload it from the Marketplace it has?disappeared (this seems to me the curse of having your software library controlled by someone else, at someone elses whim, your software can just go poof!).? The Listen app really suited me as a I am big Google Reader user and have all my podcast RSS feeds in there. To manage your Listen subscriptions, all you need to do is drop the feed into a specific folder in your Google Reader account.? Anyway, XDA Forums to the rescue.... This is the file: And it was from this thread: These guys are the saviours of Android in my eyes.?

A pocket computer with an Xbox Chatpad and Arduino Uno

via This is a brilliant little idea. It reminds of something out of Fallout. I know I already have all the parts to this device. But if he could just make one for me I would be eternally grateful.

Your jimmies are mine


Computer Laboratory: Baking Pi - Operating Systems Development

Saw this via This looks like a nice introduction into building the basics of an OS as well as writing assembly for the ARM processor. This is definitely something I am going to look at later this evening. Very exciting! I am really enjoying all the free materials universities keep putting out there at the moment. It's a real boon for me (who most certainly can not afford to go back to uni after the price hikes).

My current favourite gifs

There's nothing new here. But they are my current faves. 

ECMAScript 5 Properties (Javascript)

I went to the Nottingham Geekup last night. The talk was by @firagabeatsrock . A good talk with some important points to watch out for about Javascript.  I am blessed with being fairly au fait with Javascript so was familiar with the subject to a fairly in depth level. I made a couple of good notes however. One was to look at the Javascript performannce tool . As an uber geek I love performance tools. I like nothing more than obsessing over fiendery such as this.  On the subject of performance, he pointed out that when using a for loop, don't refer directly to the length in the loop as javascript checks it every time. There is more to add to this story however. You can make life even worse by reffering to the length of a jquery collection in a for loop. I believe that is particularly slow and I now have the performance tool above to prove it :-) The other thing I picked up on was a little reminder to look into the ECMAScript5 stuff. Now I have done a little ex

Freedom Engine - game changing technology on Vimeo

[vimeo w=500&h=283] via This looks like an interesting project. I'll keep an eye out when this is available to the public . I am always dubious about solutions that offer the ability to work across all of the browsers as I have never seen that working well, I am also interested in how they plan on monetising this for themselves (there's no mention of it). But one must remain optimistic!