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WCF services and Windows Mobile

Been having problems with setting up of the above. Very upsetting. Well, the problem is more because we need it to use secure transport. We have set the WCF service up on our test server, and switched https on and made (what I think are) the correct changes to the config. I then created a test certificate and private key. These were a cer file and a pvk file which I had to perform some magic on to turn into a pfk file. We then put this on as the certificate on the website and also put the certificate on the handheld (which just in itself was a pain in the buttocks as it only wanted to accept the cer file). Anyway after a lot of messing about we still get denied. The error I get is something along the lines of ?? Could not establish trust relationship for the SSL/TLS secure channel with authority Most annoying. I have a feeling that this is because the test certificate we have is not a trusted certificate and when the handheld tries to make the connection it checks for this and falls o


Being driven crazy by administrators in our building at the moment. They seem to incessantly send out memos about topics that either have nothing to do with us or are so ludicrously petty that I can not believe they seriously put fingers to keyboard and typed it out.? My favourite recent example is a memo about the toilet. It basically amounted to the news that the toilets have been refitted and that it is a short flush for number 1's and a longer one for the other.? [youtube] Brilliant.? **Rant Over**

Salmon King

The news of crazy GM salmon has me a little scared. I'm not quite sure we know enough about the sea to go introducing crazy new fish into the world. How do we know what will happen? Personally I do not want the Salmon King as my liege.  News [ ]

Apparently there is such a thing as too much moon.

This probably explains why we don't have a moon base yet.?