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My Favourite Testing Links

I am doing a little catch up on Unit Testing today with some of the North 51 gang. Our particular flavour of unit testing generally which goes a little something like this: The session today is mainly a hands on session but I wanted to just keep a list of recommended links to look at afterwards and I thought it might be nice to share them with others too. The list isn't well researched and is pretty much a dump of the main things I use on a regular basis. Please comment to add more if you like! Jasmine Javascript Testing Framework QUnit Trullocks PubSub libarary (brilliant for decoupling Javascript concerns and also makes for some nice testable code)  NUnit (of course) Moq my todo mocking framework if I need one Machine.Specifications (A framework that has quite a nice syntax although I haven't used in

F# Azure Queue Storage

We had a dev meetup this lunchtime and the subject today was Azure. I wanted to show the teams some of the things I use most in Azure. The areas we covered were: Creating websites Auto deploying websites using a publish file and directly from a git branch Storage Queues Storage Tables Creating SQL Databases All of these are so comically easy it's crazy. Unfortunately I wasn't able to use my Surface with our meeting room screen so I had to borrow a laptop. This meant that I couldn't show my neat F# Example on sending messages with Azure Queue Storage. It's a really neat and light weight messaging system with few bells and whistles. The example also shows off the support for Discriminated Union types in now which is fantastic. I've included the packages file so you can see the azure packages that you will need.

My Phone Timeline

We were talking yesterday about the phones we owned so I thought I would list my phone timeline. I have had some truly amazing phones and some fairly mediocre ones too! My phone timeline (not including the approx 150 I have now from collecting old phones) Motorola MR201 - I dispatched of this beast almost immediately, it could store 10 SMS and didn't like the phone number to the SMS Ericsson PF768 - I spent hours creating ring tones on this phone. Such a little beauty.  Siemens C25 - This was a brilliant phone, it had a wicked 3d maze game on it.  Nokia 702 - An absolute classic!  Nokia 7110 - I now have a giant box full of these, I used to love playing wap games on them and don't forget about tennis.  Motorola Timeport 250 - This was the first phone that I had where I thought, this is the future, wow Ericsson T68 - A cool phone but fairly poor in terms of usability. I never really loved it.  Nokia NGage - A true obscenity but I had some amazing games on it (Elder