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Showing posts from April, 2012

Free Cloud computing eBook from the BCS

via The Kindle edition of this book is free until the end of this month essentially. Whilst I haven't yet read it, I have sent it to my kindle for future consumption and it seems prudent for you to do the same!

Anonymous-OS is not available anymore

First, we want say thanks to all users where download and test Anonymous-OS and all you people for your thousands positive feedback. We tried to answer all your questions and we hope to do it. For your protection, we deleted all emails and not available anywhere. Also we apologize from the creators of? themes and wallpapers that was included on Anonymous-OS , because we don’t thank them earlier and of course without they knowing that we choose their creations. So, we thanks them. We disappointed for all these we continue to read on various websites that the Anonymous-OS is fake and full of viruses, trojan, etc. Until now we think that nothing reported yet. That say something. All these sites misinform the world, and continue to do this without having checked the Anonymous-OS . Anyway, from time to publish this project was attacked by several well known sites in the technology field and we believe the reason is to fight one more time Linux and opensource software. Before we s

Microsoft updates Bing Translator for Windows Phone with offline features (video) -- Engadget

via This is great news. The most exciting thing about this is the offline mode. Google Translate is essentially rendered useless whilst abroad unless you are connected to a wifi connection somewhere as the roaming data costs are astronomical.

Hughski - ColorHug - Colour Management Tool! Very cool.

via Heard about this on one of the Ubuntu Podcast. Sounds like a really interesting project to create colours on the screen accurately. Well worth a look into.

C# To Go - Android App on Google Play

via A must have app for any C# geek! And free to boot. Excellent.

Flying cars!!

[youtube] Very exciting! I have no idea how this would be regulated as millions of flying cars would certainly be dangerous but for now I'll just enjoy the beauty of this!

Dieter Rams: Ten principles for good design

via I really like these design principles from Dieter Rams. If every followed them, the world would be a beautiful place!