Interactive Walls - Hospital Navigation and MORE!

I am big on Interactive walls at the moment for some reason. I saw a cool video on Vimeo a week or so ago that got me thinking and I always like the interactive wall panels on Star Trek that could direct you to any part of the ship. With this in mind it would be most excellent if you were able to implement the idea of interactive wall panels in a hospital. The Queens Medical in Nottingham is massive and finding wards can be a complete pain. It took me and my wife a good while to find out where the natal unit was hidden as there were no clear signs (that we could see...).

It would be great if you had a smartphone app that you could type in the ward you would like to get to and it lit up the way for you to get there. You could even use an Augmented Reality system to guide you there, as you lift your camera up the directions would appear on the walls until the door you needed to get to. It could even be used to show you were various shops would be, cash points, exits, all sorts!?

I suppose you could even extend it as far as to use a system for nurses (using tablets) that not only had maps of how to get there but you could see which nurses were working on which wards, if you hovered it over a patients QR code at the bottom of their bed it could look up all the data held on the patient and vital signs for them. It could tell you what they were allergic to and what medicine they were currently taking. Ah too much, you could do so much!?



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