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Cab Control

Received another call today from a company interested in my Cab Control Software. Basically it's taxi management . The software needs a re-write to get it from Windows Forms onto the web. I have great hopes for the software. It really just needs to time and ingenuity pouring into it. I have loads of ideas for it but just have so little time. 

It currently has this functionality which I'll need to get across: 
  1. Add drivers and Taxis and keep track of their contact details, addresses, licence details, CRB checks and eligibility to work in the UK.
  2. Basic account management functions, such as creating a customer account and putting the account on hold. 
  3. Add Bookings for drivers and customers
  4. Creating reports for customer accounts that could be exported as a CSV file for billing purposes. 
  5. Creating reports for drivers to know how many pickups the drivers had made.
  6. Query the bookings for enquiries and police check up reports.
  7. Provide management tools to check MOT and Service details on Taxis
But I am hoping to add at least these ideas to it as well:
  1. Improved booking facility so when making a booking the booking administrator can see which drivers are currently working and which are not currently on a call or are nearby for a pickup. 
  2. Ability for drivers to be booked in when they are signing on and off a shift.
  3. Customer facing interface so that companies and potentially individuals can sign up with a taxi firm, make bookings, change contact details and monitor the usage of their account with taxi firms. 
  4. Improved ability to query, monitor and report on Taxi condition and MOT/Service dates and expiry.
  5. Improved ability to query driver details and report on licence expiries and other details such as points on licence and subs paid owed to the firm.
  6. Ability for taxi firm to track and report on drivers and any that currently owe subs.


There are many other improvements that could be added in the future. These are just some initial ideas. Another area in the future that would be interesting to take Cab Control Online into would be to develop handheld software (either for Windows Phone 7 or Android)  so that both taxi drivers can keep track of their next booking and that customer accounts could book a taxi. 


Anyway, I have written a little proposal to my director and am hoping if we can decide that money can be made from it then I will be able to code it at work through Open Projects. I have some ideas on cost models as well but they are my business ;-)
Here was the original introduction to my Cab Control program....


There are quite a few videos about the programming behind it and how to use it that you can find by visiting the website.



Gina said…
Hi there, I couldn't find any other way to contact you, so hopefully you'll get updates for comments! I work for a small taxi firm, which could really make good use of your CabControl software (and I'd benefit from the upgrade from pen & paper haha!). If it is something you'd consider sharing, please contact me in order to discuss the options that would be available for the company.Regards,-- Gina

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