My home office upgrade wish list.

My home office is almost due an upgrade. I have been holding off until my youngest daughter is out of her cot as then we can finally dispatch the enormous monstrosity of a cot out from the kids bedroom and the drawers that are in my office can be banished giving me better access to my wonderful whiteboard.

My other improvements will be purchasing a new, larger monitor. I currently work from a single 22ich Samsung which just doesn't cut it anymore, I did have two at some point but I can't recall what I did with it. I really enjoy using a touch screen so I think I will go for one of these 27inch Hannspree models that I have used before. I put a lot of hours in at home and whilst I have a reasonable chair I still tend to suffer with some back problems, so my next port of call will be to get a Varidesk for home. It works an absolute treat at work and just lets me switch stuff up when I feel like it. they take a reasonable amount of desk space up but I tend to leave my desk fairly clear at home anyway.

I really like the idea of being able to stand at my desk and use the touch screen.



As for actual computers, I am sad to say that I am currently happy with my set up (very unusual for me). I have the Surface Pro 2 for some things and for taking notes, and I use the Mac Mini as my main computer now. I also have a beefier laptop for when the Pro 2 doesn't cut it graphics wise.


Willie Ames said…
This monitor is GREAT. The image is clear, crisp, clean, and bright. It has two HDMI inputs, and one for VGA. The buttons are placed under the monitor on the bottom right. The buttons and back of the monitor are plastic and feel cheap but in the end, the image it produces easily overpowers the cheap-feeling plastic.

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