Reset SQL Server Management Studios intellisense after a schema change


For some reason it's taken me a while to cotton on to doing this. In fact I currently have intellisense in management studio switched off as it's main hobbies seem to be trolling me typing.?

My main annoyance is the sea of red every time you add a table or column and the lack of red if you delete a column.?

Anyway, I worked out over the weekend that you can reset the intellisense with ctrl+shit+r

In case you weren't sure how to toggle the intellisense on and off, see the picture. It's under Tools -> Options -> Text Editor -> Transact-SQL -> Intellisense.



Dom Finn said…
ha! It's only on certain keyboards unfortunately. I have such a keyboard. I thought you would have been issued one by now? If you don't know, there's an easy way to get one... shout like chewbacca and just randomly bash your keys for 5 days straight at work. Most IT managers know the sign and they'll issue you a special keyboard. It's got shortcut keys to some old coding favourites like 'goto' on there!!

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