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I'm leaving my current company at the end of the month and there are many things that need tying up. One of these is how I get a load of raw data in Excel and import it into Sql Server. The task is extremely difficult to automate because of the crazy manner in which the data comes. The open nature of a spreadsheet means that it comes completely different each time we get it resulting in lots of messing about and vlookup pain to get it into a nice importable format.?

I want to record the task as a screencast so that anyone doing this task after I leave can see the sort of methods I use to format the data correctly. I've used BB Flashback Express in the past so I have just downloaded and installed this. During installation I was just really annoyed at the requests for desktop shortcuts, quick launch links and the like, topped off with a request to collect information on how you use the software. It's anonymous but who cares, we do I want a program that I will only use?occasionally?taking up desktop real estate and feeding information to the net? It's crap like this that ruins the PC for the ordinary user. Many people leave the defaults and click next for everything they do and within months their desktops are full of mad icons and their IE window is reduced to about 800 pixels high because of the 50 toolbars that have been installed. Not to mention their computers run like dogs because every program under the sun runs at start up and loves checking for updates. It makes me think the cleanness of the Apple apps must be the future. I love the easy in easy out nature of them and the sandbox they are forced to stay in.?

Anyway, morning rant complete.?


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