I am sick of waiting. I need, nay I demand telepathy. I don't understand why it takes so long. I'm no scientist but I am pretty sure the brain gives off some type of energy. Like a brain wave. At some point we should be able to measure the usage of the brain to a point that we can decipher our language. From then we could just have a small implant that then sends that message to implants in other peoples brains. I think my first telepathic message would be "can someone please make me a cup of tea". Even better would be if you then hack the implant so you could control people "you knave! make me tea now!".?

Ah the future seems to take forever to arrive! grrr!



James Allen said…
That is pure genius!I LOL'd at the 'You knave!' bit.. and then doubly LOL'd at Starbuck channelling Arnie..

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