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Skeleton Music - Music with the Kinect

I have started messing about with the Kinect again. Finally! Mr Randall, our head honcho at North 51 kindly supplied us with a company unit so we can begin messing about with it.

I am hoping that once the holiday period dies down we can begin to really start thinking about genuine applications.

At the moment it's just a case of reminding myself of the mechanics of how it works. I thought I would once again take one of the examples that comes with the SDK and just toy with it.

I fancied a little peek at NAudio (I have been watching an Audio course on Pluralsight) so I got NAudio back out again.

The project is to create a music generator based on the location of the hands according to the kinect sensor. It also changes amplitude depending on your distance from the device.

I reallly like the way you can get a hold of the location points of the skeleton with the Kinect SDK. Once you have the skeleton getting the hands is as simple as 


Google Checkout being decommissioned

I have an email to let me know Google Checkout will be closing on the 20th of November. I thought they had a good service and it was certainly nicer to deal with then the complete jokes that are World Pay and Sage Pay.Then again, can you imagine if you had just forked out to develop Google Checkout integration. You could be losing several thousand pounds. It really makes me think that you shouldn't rely on any Google Service. You would probably better dealing with a company that provides the service you want as their bread and butter. Its also a nice reminder yo make sure that code you write to access a service should abstract the implementation away nicely as you can't be guaranteed a service will last forever.

Mind control technology

WrittenonSatbutpostedaweek laterA quick note that has just really annoyed me. You can't use the bloggfer app offline. It see,ms a pity considering you could stack up some posts whilst waiting for a train and then post when you have a connection again. Never mind. I suppose that's where ever note comes in.I have just been reading engadgets latest emagazine on my nexus whilst waiting to go to karate in Loughborough. I spotted a wirite up about the news in the week about the experiment in remote mind control.Two people where able to share muscle movements over the internet. I can't believe we have finally got there. At the moment as far as I can tell its using some type of advanced eeg device that not only reads but outputs as well using electrical signals a long the scalp.This is an exciting time. With further advancements so much is possible. Is this the start of cybernetic telepathy. With a small plugin or hat perhaps or perhaps surgical implants on the scalp people could …

The science of sample rates am watching a pluralsight cause at the moment by Mark Heath called Digital Audio Fundamentals. An interesting course. He linked to the above article when talking about sample rates and it made for an interesting read.