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T4 Code Templates

T4 - The Insource Code Monkey

I think I should take another look at T4 code templating for our CMS tooling perhaps. There's a lot of cool things you can do as shown with the built in MVC stuff (see link above).

The last time I looked at this (a couple of years ago) the tooling was bad in Visual Studio and I just couldn't see it being worth my time but it looks like a bit of work has been done on this now and the Tangible T4 Editor Visual Studio Extension looks interesting.

Brownfield Refactoring

I did a talk at Geekup Nottingham last night on Brownfield Refactoring. It's a little controversial if you're a developer as essentially I asked questions like

Do you need to refactor this at all?Can the decline of the product just be carefully managed so that newer projects can grow? These aren't questions we normally like to think about as developers as our passion is to make everything as good as it can be. However a project must be financially viable and you must not risk the functionality for the sake of code excellence. 

Giant 3D Printer Builds Homes in 20 Hours

Giant 3D Printer Builds Homes in 20 Hours

This is very cool. Although! I think you could save the stress of setting up the crane etc by just "printing" modules instead and delivering them to site. I suppose the only thing is you wouldn't have as many whacky designs then though....