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Arduino ethernet shield

My ethernet shield arrived this morning from Hong Kong. Looking forward to making a little Arduino based Web server! The price for the shield was only ?5 on ebay including delivery :-) super cheap considering how much they cost a couple of years ago.

Reset SQL Server Management Studios intellisense after a schema change

For some reason it's taken me a while to cotton on to doing this. In fact I currently have intellisense in management studio switched off as it's main hobbies seem to be trolling me typing.?My main annoyance is the sea of red every time you add a table or column and the lack of red if you delete a column.? Anyway, I worked out over the weekend that you can reset the intellisense with ctrl+shit+r In case you weren't sure how to toggle the intellisense on and off, see the picture. It's under Tools -> Options -> Text Editor -> Transact-SQL -> Intellisense. :-)

Network Spoofer for Android is a highly amusing app. Who doesn't want to redirect YouTube traffic on your network through your phone so you can Rick roll all watching video attempts?

Make: How shift registers work

How PhoneLocator Pro deals with Bad Comments on Google Play matter how well you make your app, I guarantee you'll be trolled with reviews like... App iz shit. Don't use. Didn't work on my android watch phone. You can't reply to the reviews as a developer, only mark them as spam. The only good thing is that the good reviews normally drown the idiots out and it's easy to spot a fool by the review itself. Still if you wish to feed the Trolls, you can always respond to them on your website...

Creating Sparklines in Excel

Sparklines have been around since Excel 2010 I believe but I have seldom used them.?They're a great way of showing data that is on more than one dimension like values over time and days.?

Curl for Windows ? You can get Curl from Windows here. I think it?s pretty cool how you can easily append the method of the request you want to send onto the end of the command... ? Curl -X DELETE ? This will send a delete request to the site. You can do this with Fiddler already but I thought it was just a nice little thing to have anyway.

Microsoft ASP.Net System.Web.Optimization

I'm watching a Pluralsight video on this at the moment. I really like the nice way you can explicitly bundle assets together. The optimization libraries then join the files and minimise them. When you render them, they also attach a query string onto the end to help prevent stale results being cached. ? No pictures sadly as I am just quickly recording this before I go back to watching the rest. ? Sent from Windows Mail ?

5 Tips For Refactoring In Brownfield Land

1. Don't try and refactor on the branch / clone you are working onWhilst doing some of the everyday work, I couldn't help breaking into a refactor mission the problem is that refactor missions always take you down deeper than expected. You still need to get the other jobs done and other bugs may come up too. This has caught me out so many times when I just think I will do a little fix here or there. Be patient, you don't need to do the re-factor straight away.2. Plan the refactor with clear objectivesUgh, another of my favourites. When starting my current refactoring mission, I was like an ape in the produce section of Asda. My code was highlighted in blue Resharper squiggles and I could see duplication everywhere. Now I have calmed down and grown a little wiser. I have begun making a list of objectives and sections that I plan to refactor. Make a list of what each section of code does, if you have an appropriate tool that you can tag it with then do that. You can then …

Entity Framework 5 Enable Migrations

Just taking another look at Entity Framework 5. It is nice to configure. I quite like the feature (which I think is borrowed from Rails) where you can enable migrations. This takes the pain out of updating your database. The seed method gives you a nice place to control the insertion of data into your site.?The?AutomaticMigrationsEnabled = false; if set to true can automatically update your tables based on the entities. It's good for a small project but I suspect on any non trivial site you want to manage the database changes yourself.? This is really just a reminder to myself as I often forget the package manager commands.?

Toshiba Libretto

Just managed to get my hands on a Toshiba Libretto. This is a mid 90s laptop that makes a net book look big. The laptop next to it is the Dell Mini 9. I love this laptop. It's crazy, the keys are ludicrously small but it's irrelevant. I don't think many people would have bought this for an actual task. I remember seeing this in Computer Shopper and dreaming of having one. And now I need dream no more.