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A cool design for a new IPad

via Courtesy of Yanko Design. I love the idea of this. My dream would be to have large semi transparent screens that are touch sensitive. I suspect you can already part do this on a large and cumbersome scale.

Disregard snoopers, acquire privary - Gibberbot for Android
This is a great tool, if you have Orbot installed as well then you can connect through Tor for that extra safety.? I don't think you have to be up to anything?nefarious to want privacy. You just don't always want some numpty listening in on everything you do and say :-) ?

Blackberry Q10, finally an upgrade path for typers

[youtube]It's a pity they didn't release this a year or so ago. The hardware looks excellent. I know many die hard Blackberry fans that were hanging on as long as they could for a decent new BB to come out but most of them have no gone for Android or Apple phones. Still the news I have saw today all looks excellent.I did see this tweet from @mbrit about contracts. I haven't read this directly so I am not sure what the source is but he is normally pretty up to speed.Three year contract?! What the hell?!? Is that a thing? #BlackBerry10— Matt Baxter-Reynolds (@mbrit) January 30, 2013I hope that a 3 year contract isn't the case as that would be ridiculous. On the subject of contracts, I am now seriously turned off from them. I am still on a two year contract until this summer. From then I am ditching it. I think my next step will be just to buy a 3g Nexus 7 and just keep my Galaxy SII.

Keeping fit whilst sitting down all day

via Obviously this is the eternal problem of the office worker. As a developer I am sit down almost all of the time as I am straight back on the computer at night until around 12pm most nights. Whilst novel I think the treadmill idea is obviously no more than an amusement. The dream for me is to have a much more interactive environment to develop software in. It would be nice if you could stand and move virtual components around or build software using virtual components instead of just sitting down and typing. Obviously this would need some sort of higher generation language where more of the problems are abstracted out. It would be interesting if you could build classes like that, then bring up a virtual keyboard or use voice recognition to describe what you want to happen. I can imagine this working brilliantly whilst pair programming. Two people creating tests, assumptions and building software in a fashion that is almost like a debate crossed with a squash match. Whilst …

Running your own GSM Network

I have been using my Nokia 7110 for a couple of days now. A strange feeling. I keep getting it out of my pocket and then realising there's nothing to check -> No facebook, Twitter, email...I tried to use the WAP browser on the phone but the call was dead. It made me wonder if I could set up my own WAP network. I am still thinking about that and if it would be possible. I am starting to think it would need some special hardware.  I then Googled setting up your own GSM network out of interest and found these slides from a conference in Germany a couple of years ago. They're worth a read for anyone interested!

Amstrad Mega PC 386SX With Built-In Sega Megadrive. Very Rare and Complete. | eBay

via Oh man! I remember mirin this on Bad Influence as a kid. It's so close by as well. It's just a pity they're asking for 50 to start with. Although I reckon it's probably worth that. These guys are well rare!


via Ah so expensive! I had the chance to buy a Commodore Pet a couple of years ago at the Cattle Market in Nottingham. I was a little too busy at the time and didn't get it. Such a pity. I doubt ill ever have one now unless it's through some stroke of luck!

BBC News - First Firefox phones revealed by Mozilla and Geeksphone

via Is it just me or does the FireFox phone look exactly like an iphone with a different coloured back? I like the idea of just pushing HTML5 apps as this could work across other phones as well but as the writer says, there's nothing that makes it stand out and you would still technically need to have some isolated storage on the phone to make the apps function beyond the most basic applications.

You Are Not Paid To Write Software | :derick_bailey

via Derick makes a good point in this article. So many devs like to shirk the responsibility of dealing with people. I think it's what separates devs from being technicians and engineers.Begin RantI don't just blame developers though. The industry and other people around the industry promote this idea. Job adverts like to advertise for skills such as:c#,, css, html, javascript, sql,, mvc, java, spring, bla, bla, bla, bla!!!This sort of advertisement promotes devs to concentrate on the minutiae of software development. I call these CV skills.A good developer can learn any of these skills quickly enough without any trouble! When we are looking for developers we are looking for people that can communicate well, are enthusiastic and have a good grasp of good software practices and architecture.The ability to look at a problem and decide how to solve it well in a manner that is elegant is worth a infinite number of heads down fools.Clingers in t…

The first desktop UI was conceived on a napkin

I love that the first desktop UI was drawn on a napkin. I'm reading a book about designing Interactions atm.

Nokia's Xpress Browser Decrypts Your HTTPS Data

via Saw this on Gizmodo. This is a bit silly now isn't it. Don't worry though as they don't look at it.....

13 Design Trends For 2013 | Gizmodo UK

via Some interesting points in here. I like the large search bar :-)
I like responsive sites. This is good for the sites I use but will just make design harder for me. My design and integration skills are already poor :-(
Thank god for sites like Themeforest!

Compressorhead Ace of Spades - YouTube

[youtube]via Pretty cool!