Saturday, 31 August 2013

Running programs from Sd card

I have an Acer Iconia W500 with windows 8 on it and whilst it runs well as a general browsing computer, the limited space 32gb makes dev difficult. I had originally installed Visual Studio Pro on it but after several updates the space just seemed to bloat and I constantly struggled for space.

The tablet itself is rather long in the tooth now and has a sub 1ghz amd processor bit it suffices for a bit of light coding at Geekups and for messing around whilst I was learning the Windows 8 app ropes.

I am hoping the link below is the answer. To run the programs from an ssd mounted like a directory.

Of course with the Surface Pro now reduced to a reasonable price I hope to somehow convince work to help me obtain one. I will need to think of a good reason.... If only the NHS decoded to by a job lot and decide that was thier tablet of choice from now on!

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