Thursday, 23 May 2013

Work based learning for engineering qualifications

Engineering Council - Education & Skills - Engineering Gateways

I think this is a good idea for helping people get up to scratch and giving them guidance in achieving IEng and CEng. The closest uni to me is Derby Uni. My only concern with the qualification is that it will cost you a pretty penny to do it through the University.

In some ways I hope people use the UK Spec themselves to guide what type of work they should be involved with and what professional development they do. Considering you will carry out most of the studying yourself, I am not sure the unis will offer value for money over doing it yourself and applying through the technical report route.

I suppose once I get a reply about my current IEng application, I will begin to make enquiries about working towards CEng. When the time comes I will try and get some prices about the course.

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