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Using The Responsive Design Bookmarklet

I heard about this tool from a Pluralsight video on Single Page Apps. The course is well worth a look if you have an account or you can probably catch a good bit of it on the free trial they provide.?Anyway the tool is the Responsive Design Bookmarklet? You just create the bookmarklet on your bookmarks toolbar. Then when you are are on the page you want to test, click the bookmark and it will apply the bookmarklet to the site. With this tool in particular, it gives you a nice little look at how your site might look at different resolutions and when a keyboard appears over the screen (when someone is completing a form for example).? The tool probably doesn't render the pages exactly how they would on the various devices as there are so many devices and so many browsers on those devices but it gives you a quick idea anyway.? Enjoy!

North 51 Christmas Message 2012 - YouTube

[youtube]via Silly boys!

US military exploring Kinect for low-cost physical therapy routines

When Bill Gates first demoed his BASIC interpreter for the Altair, it seems a safe bet that he could've never guessed that his company would eventually be collaborating with the US military to introduce new forms of physical therapy. Thanks to Kinect, however, Microsoft and the Air Force are now hammering out the details of a system that could assist injured soldiers through the recovery process. Curiously, all of this may be accomplished with a PC, Kinect and off-the-shelf software such as ReMotion 360 -- all of which could help keep costs low -- although a proprietary system remains a possibility. In addition to reducing treatment costs, it's thought that a home-based approach could be a convenient alternative for those who don't live near care facilities. Even beyond physical therapy, Microsoft is also exploring Kinect's usefulness for the treatment of PTSD, which could allow the afflicted to anonymously take part in group sessions through the use of avatars. To le…

Business Insider Internet Facts: People use the mobile internet to stay healthy

via This comes from a 10 x about x thing. I don't normally go down for these especially as most of the facts on this particular article are fairly drear. This fact caught my eye though. In the future I predict a big increase in people turning to their mobile phones for all sorts of health reasons. Tracking diets, intake of supplements and hopefully to help in some sort of assisted diagnosis of minor illnesses. It's definitely an area to watch, or get involved in.....