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Lean startup - throwing away code

Reading the lean startup at the moment. I can really sympathise with Ries when he has to throw the cool IM interoperability code away. I know you shouldn't be precious over code but it's still hard. I'm doing a load of fixes and refactoring at the moment and there's code that just isn't needed any more. But! I wrote it! AND the way I did certain things, whilst no longer needed or not quite right were very clever in thier own right. Being a hoarder I have captured various things in snippets for the future. This is very similar to my non virtual life. I have thousands of wires, books, computers and general bits and bobs that I may never look at again but keep just in case. Maybe I should just be brave and do away with them?

Putting using directives inside the namespace

via Stylecop has been giving me crap about putting the using statements inside the namespace as opposed to being just at the top of the class file. I really didn't like the style of this but worried that it had an affect on performance. After reading about and checking this Hanselman blog, it seems I don't need to worry and can just turn the complaint off.

Renault Twizy

I saw this car on the Stephen Fry gadget show tonight and it reminded me I went to see one in Notts recently. Seeing it in the flesh I found it quite endearing. But then again, I like Smart Cars. What really put me off though was the price. It's ?6,690 and then you have a monthly battery hire fee of ?45 as a min for a max of 4500 miles (it goes up) and thats for a 36month contract with them. I am the only one that thinks the prices of this is insane? That's no even including the fuel cost of running the vehicle. It makes me sad as things could have been different. As it stands I think they'll be back to the drawing board with this.

Machintosh Portable running OSX - YouTube

[youtube] A most splendid modification!

What dangers may lie ahead for libellous tweeters

via I have always wondered why Facebook and Twitter are jumbled into the same category. Messages posted on Facebook are to a closed audience by invite only. In my mind it's essentially the same as telling someone by speaking to them or calling them. Whilst the question of whether that act itself is libellous does exist, I think it mutes the point of saying that a Facebook post is a piece of published work in the same way that a tweet can be compared. Am I missing the point or is this another case of tech-foolery?

RFID tracking for mapping people moving around a hospital

Last week I was talking to an very interesting individual regarding mapping how people move around in hospitals for the purpose of understanding how infections spread through a?hospital. Although it was just a general conversation, if I remember correctly they wanted to map out the movement into a diagram of nodes and edges. For example the wards could be nodes and the people could be the edges between the wards.?I haven't really thought on the theory of it very much yet but I think it would be a brilliant piece of research to flesh out (I hope they are able to carry on with it).? It just got me thinking about how you would effectively track patients movement through a hospital. Ideally the movement would have to be monitored anonymously so people didn't feel they were being tracked. I wonder if one technique would be to give all people coming into the hospital an RFID tag (perhaps a card) that they can carry around with them. At each entrance to a room / ward / area the RFID s…

Prepare your Jimmies: RIM launches PlayBook 3G+ in the UK

Not only is this dude a little late to the party, they are asking for a comical ?415! That is just silly! I have a feeling the guy that dreamed up that price has Grima Wormtongue as an advisor.

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