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The tape is dead, long live the tape!


Using the C# Interactive Window that comes with Roslyn

via I was just moaning to myself, wishing that C# had the same type of interative window that F# did, just for messing about etc...Well I did a quick search and found at the installing the Roslyn CTP gives you JUST THAT! Brilliant.

Book I am currently reading: Peopleware

via I've started reading this book. I had heard about it from my friend Garry Shutler a couple of years ago but it got lost in my enormous wishlist. Someone mentioned it a #dddnorth on Saturday and I noticed it was extremely cheap for the Kindle version on Amazon. I must say it's proving a reasonably enlightening read. Then again most books that confirm the beliefs you already hold are fairly enjoyable.

Process Explorer - Don't forget it.

via Ugh I had completely forgot about this tool until reminded me today. I have mainly posted it as a reminder to myself not to forget it again. Doing so much straight forward dev work has seen me need any performance monitoring tools for a year or so now so I have gotten a little rusty.

An Android phone in a magazine

[youtube]I spotted this on Sam Wessels feed. An utterley proposterous idea but it does highlight the falling cost of the technology that goes into mobile devices.

Akimbo Kinect hack

via This is VERY cool.