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Saving Bletchley Park -> Buy the book

via I haven't bought this book yet! But I will do when I get a chance this evening. If you have any heart I implore you to do the same!

Microsoft Surface with Windows RT review -- Engadget

via This looks like good stuff. Hopefully I will get my hands on the Pro version at some point. Currently I am using an Iconia W500 with Windows 8 and the Keyboard attachment as my work laptop. It's working out fairly well, the keyboard is poor considering the amount I paid for it (around ?70) but it clips in at the bottom and forms a case for the tablet when not in use.In general I have really begun to enjoy using Windows 8. Some little things don't make sense but the quality of the apps I have seen up until now are really good. It's a case of real quality over quantity. I have become a little disillusioned with the sheer amount of tat on the Android marketplace. When I compare this to my Android tablet there is an obvious difference. My Nexus 7 is smaller and more portable but it simply doesn't function as a productivity device. Windows 8 devices do. I can crack my W500 out and open up Visual Studio 2012. Essentially, what I am saying is I think the two …

Pluralsight for MSDN Subscribers

via This is very cool for those with an MSDN Subscription. If you do, then don't miss out.

Getting XML Schema Intellisense in Visual Studio

I didn't know about this :-0If you want some nice XML schema support in Visual Studio for XML files that you are creating. Drop your schema into your Visual Studio XML schemas folder.  Mine is at.... C:Program Files (x86)Microsoft Visual Studio 10.0XmlSchemas So yours will most likely be somewhere similar unless you have installed VS somewhere else.  Just found out how to do this when dealing with some nhibernate mapping files (not using fluent nhibernate etc...)

The tape is dead, long live the tape!


EE prices

Just got this wonderful update from Everything Everywhere. Such a splendid show of the foul greed that lurks within Oranges fiendish corporation. I don't believe there is a consumer alive today that wants or needs the same amount of data they currently get but faster. I don't care about the amount of data, I want to be able to stream video more efficiently, I want to be able to upload and download large photos, I want to be able to download loads of videos and music super quick. I want to work remotely with high speeds. I don't want to do this for just 2 days in the month. I want to do it everyday. I am hoping, that perhaps they want to charge these silly billy prices to enable them to improve their network, therefore being able to cope with a larger amount of data being transferred. I doubt this will happen of course.

Using the C# Interactive Window that comes with Roslyn

via I was just moaning to myself, wishing that C# had the same type of interative window that F# did, just for messing about etc...Well I did a quick search and found at the installing the Roslyn CTP gives you JUST THAT! Brilliant.

Book I am currently reading: Peopleware

via I've started reading this book. I had heard about it from my friend Garry Shutler a couple of years ago but it got lost in my enormous wishlist. Someone mentioned it a #dddnorth on Saturday and I noticed it was extremely cheap for the Kindle version on Amazon. I must say it's proving a reasonably enlightening read. Then again most books that confirm the beliefs you already hold are fairly enjoyable.

Jean Luc Picard Portraits

via Whilst searching for a nice portrait to put up in my house I found these gems....

Process Explorer - Don't forget it.

via Ugh I had completely forgot about this tool until reminded me today. I have mainly posted it as a reminder to myself not to forget it again. Doing so much straight forward dev work has seen me need any performance monitoring tools for a year or so now so I have gotten a little rusty.

Acoustic barcodes store data in sound, go on just about anything

via This is a really cool concept!

Toton Scarecrow harvest.

My Dad went to the Draycott one and people did some excellent jobs. I'll definitely be taking Erin!

Renault electric 1 seater cars

These cars are in interesting concept. They retail for about 6.5k though.... Among other things I can't see them doing well but they might pave the way for more!

Stop random fools starting gmail conversations with you

If you have Google Plus, an annoying setting that seems to have been set is the Messenger conversation privacy setting. Mine seems to have been set to "Anyone" which resulted in notifications on my computer and phone that some foul spambot wants to converse with me. To change it, go to your Google account settings -> Google+ -> and change the messenger conversation settings to "Your Circles". That's as far as you can take it there.?

You can then go to Google+, if you have chat switched on you can go to your privacy settings and more finely tune who appears in your chat window from your Circles as well.?

Flying Lawnmower

[youtube]via Everyday I'm rustling....

An Android phone in a magazine

[youtube]I spotted this on Sam Wessels feed. An utterley proposterous idea but it does highlight the falling cost of the technology that goes into mobile devices.

Akimbo Kinect hack

via This is VERY cool.