Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Microsoft Surface with Windows RT review -- Engadget


This looks like good stuff. Hopefully I will get my hands on the Pro version at some point. Currently I am using an Iconia W500 with Windows 8 and the Keyboard attachment as my work laptop. It's working out fairly well, the keyboard is poor considering the amount I paid for it (around ?70) but it clips in at the bottom and forms a case for the tablet when not in use.

In general I have really begun to enjoy using Windows 8. Some little things don't make sense but the quality of the apps I have seen up until now are really good. It's a case of real quality over quantity. I have become a little disillusioned with the sheer amount of tat on the Android marketplace.

When I compare this to my Android tablet there is an obvious difference. My Nexus 7 is smaller and more portable but it simply doesn't function as a productivity device. Windows 8 devices do. I can crack my W500 out and open up Visual Studio 2012. Essentially, what I am saying is I think the two devices solve different problems anyway.

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