Tuesday, 23 October 2012

EE prices

Just got this wonderful update from Everything Everywhere. Such a splendid show of the foul greed that lurks within Oranges fiendish corporation.

I don't believe there is a consumer alive today that wants or needs the same amount of data they currently get but faster. I don't care about the amount of data, I want to be able to stream video more efficiently, I want to be able to upload and download large photos, I want to be able to download loads of videos and music super quick. I want to work remotely with high speeds. I don't want to do this for just 2 days in the month. I want to do it everyday.

I am hoping, that perhaps they want to charge these silly billy prices to enable them to improve their network, therefore being able to cope with a larger amount of data being transferred. I doubt this will happen of course.

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