Zenni Optical

My new sets of glasses arrived this morning ordered from? http://www.zennioptical.com/. I have never ordered glasses online before but the price of glasses on the high street is just a little too high for me at the moment and essentially I only needed a spare pair. They have a massive selection of ludicrously cheap spectacles so I thought I would indulge myself, getting 3 pairs (buy 2 get 1 free) for the princely sum of ?20. That included shading and anti glare on one pair. Ridiculous. All 3 were essentially joke glasses buy I wanted to see what the quality and fit would be like.?

The quality of excellent. No different to my FCUK or Osiris glasses that I bought last time from Specsavers. All I needed was my prescription and my PD distance (they don't include this on your prescription) which I got from using this app?https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=air.PupilMeterAnd?

Anyway, I bought a pair of slick "Potters", some miners welfare glasses and a pair of yellow tinted glasses so I could look like the dude from half life. Sadly the yellow tint wasn't quite enough but I will get a darker yellow next time and maybe some with a red tint just to look extra cool.?



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