Megaupload is down, long live Megaupload!

The terrible news that Megaupload has hit me hard. I love the lack of understanding of how technology works. It borders on having mental health issues. Do prosecutors / Hollywood fools really think this would stop piracy in any way? A site is easily come by. When one site is closed, another can be created in its place. You can sue the world but it still won't matter. You can't stop the changing nature in how man lives. 100 years ago there was no such thing as comically rich music executives. Who is to say in 100 years no one will even know what that title means again?

I watched Star Trek earlier. Seeing them using the replication machines reminded me of the Maker stories yesterday. There were questions of piracy of designs for 3d items. I wonder if someone invented a replicator now, would?we?have questions of piracy? I think there would still be foul creatures trying to make money out of it even it could cure world hunger. ?


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