My Cycling Mission

I would love to do this bike ride. Cycle over to Holyhead and then down to Newbridge in Kildare (I'll rope at least one cousin into it from here). After that it will be a quick trip across Ireland stopping in some pubs along the way. Ah it'd be a great laugh. I don't have the spare annual leave, the cash or the fitness at the moment but these are all things that can be obtained. Huzzah! I still think due to baby and various friends getting married abroad next year it won't be until 2013 that I can do this. I think that is plenty of time to get my fitness up (and lose it then get it back again) and get some money (then piss it up the wall then save again). I probably just need to get some accomplices. Luckily I normally have a steady queue of foolish friends ready to do stupid things....



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