Tuesday, 9 November 2010

A hole in my life.


Gah, I have been trying to resist for 13hrs now but it's soooo painful. I just need Black Ops. It's like a magical?elixir. I am certain it will cure any ailment. I need it to fill the hole in my life before Beeston turns into one giant sinkhole.?

I don't profess to be an engineer but I am sure if it had come out earlier it could have filled the hole in Mexico too. If only they could have released it earlier or that hole happened later. Time eh? No one can control it (except a timelord perhaps).?

Picard Dream


I had a dream last night. Old Picard turned up and demanded I get an ebook reader. I will do as he says.

Ah it will be great, sitting at my desk reading my ebooks, listening to?Ride of the Valkyries and someone knocks on my study door. "Come" I say. Of course it's Riker and he's been up to his old tricks, he wants me know if we can leave the planet quickly as he got into some trouble. "Make it so" I say.?

Ah it's gonna be amazingzzzz.

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

20 Ideas for developing a social media strategy

I came across 20 tips for developing a social media strategy (via Nottingham EChampions http://www.echampions.co.uk). They stay fairly unspecific. I don't think they have attempted to put them in any sort of order.


It's interesting that I don't find it hard to actually create the connections and give the ability to share via social media. I think the hardest part is actually creating useful content and providing value. I have seen a lot of business start a twitter account up for example. They have been told that this is now essential for them. However once they get on there, they have nothing to say and no value to offer.


Fill My Belly is a great web site that allows you to order your take-aways online and then review the meal you have had. It's a great site and I use it too much. The reviews work as well. I complained about a meal I had and the restaurant contacted me and offered me a free meal, and asked me to change my review if I was happy with it. They have a twitter account - http://twitter.com/#!/fillmybelly. But oh dear! A quick read of the tweets makes for a depressing story. Pointless tweets and a meagre following of 53. If you wanted to add value why don't they tweet vouchers for their participating stores?



Anyway, the tips are linked below....


Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Top Trumps - The Internet Commenter


I made this mistake of reading some internet comments recently. After a couple of minutes on YouTube and my eyes set on fire.

I love to hear people blow the trumpets on the fact that people can "participate" now by commenting. It's a complete farce. 98% of the time the comments are just ill-informed smart arse comments either correcting the grammar or spelling of something, or in some other way disputing it with some laughable argument. 

Looking at programming blogs for example reveals a great number of cretins either trying to correct the original blogger with some hastily written code or an "outsourced" developer asking for help but really not even having the first clue of how to program in the first place with a comment along the lines of "how i make software do with your codez?"

It depresses me. 

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