Top Trumps - The Internet Commenter


I made this mistake of reading some internet comments recently. After a couple of minutes on YouTube and my eyes set on fire.

I love to hear people blow the trumpets on the fact that people can "participate" now by commenting. It's a complete farce. 98% of the time the comments are just ill-informed smart arse comments either correcting the grammar or spelling of something, or in some other way disputing it with some laughable argument. 

Looking at programming blogs for example reveals a great number of cretins either trying to correct the original blogger with some hastily written code or an "outsourced" developer asking for help but really not even having the first clue of how to program in the first place with a comment along the lines of "how i make software do with your codez?"

It depresses me. 


Dom Finn said…
hahaha, so I have. You win a thousand Zimbabwean dollar. Simply send me your bank account details and I will transfer the monies to you.

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