Friday, 7 May 2010

DLink (Direct Link to Satan)

Ugh been trying to get the VPN Working through the firewalls this afternoon again. Liquid pain. DLink surely stands for Direct link to Satan.

I find it unbelievable how many interfaces DLink seem to have been through with their products. It's insane. Surely a company like this would have one central office creating the interfaces. IT'S SUCH AN IMPORTANT PART OF THE PRODUCT.

They are kind enough to give you a taster of their interface hell by offering a massive variety of simulators on their support page. Brilliant.

Anyway I leave you with this as a final thought for the day..

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Willie Ames said...

I have done it on pf sense via an x64 build and I got full speed. Largest problem when I tried it on ddwrt was the hardware cut me off around 6meg on pure. Also remember to reduce tbe MTU settings by 8bits from 1500 so you don't have lag/connection issues, this was the most important tweek for myself.

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