Results for HND

Got results for my HND through now. I did quite well so I am pleased now. I found most of the course fairly easy but the final year Software Development Project was a bit of a bitch. Obviously, as with any programmer, the easy bit is writing the software and the hard bit is the write up.

Got 93% (1st) for it anyway so I can now relax.......

Ah relax! What a joke. You know that will never happen. I am still doing the UCPD and also need to sort out the Masters application ( I have had an acceptance email but not the official letter yet).

Still working on the Emarketing course at the moment. The course is really good but I have been on them for quite a while and my only worry is that my work are getting a bit bored of my day release shenanigans. I am still yet to find the inspiration to help my company though. I think much of the course is based around having traditional services or products to sell. It's often not that simple with Software though.

I have one more course to do after this and although I have agreed with work it would be the SEO course I am wondering whether it would be more prudent to do the graphics for web course.

Anyway we will see. For now Im just happy with my results today.

Ah just before I forget, got this in a tweet today. Seems like some good advice on CSS. Take a look if you get a chance...


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