Wading through Jam

Ugh. It's a Friday afternoon and I have found myself wading through a serious amount of Jam. I have been working on an internal system of ours for some time (C# ASP.NET MVC). I have come across numerous problems with the latest development work I have been doing.

The problems I have come up against a numerous. For example I have 2 controllers that are related as they have the same ancestor class but they are slightly different. Now the easiest thing to have done is to have written 2 complete classes but the amount of duplication would be bad programming so I had to find out a way of getting round it. The way I have got round it is by creating a base controller class for them both and then using generics to get round the problem of the shared methods that were in the base controller.

As I almost finished the job I came to a realisation that on the view that I was developing, a user would could fill in information, then navigate away to add some data on another interelated view but would lose anything they had originally typed in. I have tried everything to collect that data up in some sort of session variable but have been unsuccessfull in MVC.

I knew that if I submitted it, that it would probably sneak through QA without the problem being picked up on but I don't think I could live with it. Having a really good think about it I decided that if a user had to navigate away for any time just to add interelated information then maybe my views were bad anyway so I have gone back to the drawing board with it.

I think that means I have passed the first test. I just wish the test wasn't on a Friday afternoon!


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